A unique mix of strength, mobility and speed, as well as elite marking, kicking and nous around the goals; Corey McKernan is remembered as one of the most athletic big men to ever play AFL.


Motivation, inspiration, and performance.

Corey McKernan has played at the highest level of AFL for over a decade and starred as part of the North Melbourne Premiership teams of 1996 and 1999.

Over an illustrious 237-game professional career, McKernan was declared the AFL Players Association Most Valuable Player award in the AFL’s centenary season in 1996 – the league’s biggest honour.


An All Australian who kicked 310 career goals, McKernan’s longevity in a combative position on the ground was largely due to his preparation, mindset, and recovery.


Post career, McKernan channelled his passion for sports and entertainment and started his own sports touring company, taking fans across the globe for once-in-a-lifetime experiences to events such as the PGA Tour, Super Bowl and NBA finals series.

However, it was in his love for community and desire to make a difference with the tools he obtain during his professional sporting career where McKernan found his calling.

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People, community, and making a difference.

Having undergone his own personal struggles with mental health, McKernan has been at the forefront to drive change in the mental health space, driving discussions, providing leadership and community by championing his Walk With Me three-times-weekly walks that promote engagement, healthy discussion, and healthy habits.


His weekly YouTube series Fork in the Road provides views with a rare insight into the troubles and obstacles elite athletes from around the country have faced, which they have overcome. It aims to inspire and motivate, and it has taken off at the speed of light with viewers.

McKernan is also involved in hosting leadership seminars for business and corporate entities and has been involved in one-on-one and team-wide training sessions for high-performance individuals and sports clubs looking to gain an edge in their competitive approach to football.


McKernan believes that through discipline, hard work, and structure we are all capable of overcoming adversity in the quest to finding the best version of ourselves.


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