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Corey McKernan's Walk With Me

Walk With Me Online

Walk With Me Online includes free group walks conducted over a Zoom link every Wednesday 7.00 to 7.30am Melbourne/Sydney time.

Facilitated by former AFL player Corey McKernan, the 30 min walks aim to build momentum, connection and development through group discussions on specific topics and special guests.

If you'd like to join an inclusive group of men and women or varying ages and backgrounds and locations, who care about mental health, physical wellbeing and bettering their lives.

Why Corey McKernan started Walk With Me

It was a headline in The Australian newspaper on the 7th May that really made me take more action than what I was currently doing.


It was such a damning headline that and also made me think "why couldn’t our actions towards the virus be the same?"

The article in The Australian was about mental health, in particular, the rapid rate of suicide’s that have risen since the coronavirus pandemic reached our shores.


I could no longer sit and be idle with this anymore, and it made me think about how I could perhaps help somebody who’s doing it tough.


It made me act, and I thought it was time I use my own experiences and leverage my networks and contacts to influence this area. I wanted to make a difference.

I wanted to give people a boost, and help them get moving. The power of conversation and light activity is a wonderful recipe, and so Walk With Me was born.


For anyone who needing some momentum and connection in their like or if someone you know is doing it a little tough, it’s much easier to say “Hey let’s go for a walk.”

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